Plastic pollution is a widespread problem. Only 9 percent of plastic ever made has been recycled. 12 percent of plastic waste has been incinerated. What about the remaining 79 percent? They have been accumulated in the natural environment or landfills. A million seabirds and thousands of mammals die each year because of plastic pollution in our oceans. Not just animals, humans are also affected by the toxicity of plastic. BPA is used to make certain plastics, exposure of this toxic element can cause cardiovascular problems, coronary artery heart disease, angina, heart attack, hypertension, and peripheral artery disease. Research suggests that this cause can trigger arrhythmias, atherosclerosis, and blood pressure changes.

Keeping this in mind, My Earth has taken up the initiative to craft products that are free of any toxins and can also uplift the environment. We have curated a list of products that can replace some of the plastic items you buy. By replacing plastic pots to terracotta pots and planters, you can start making a difference. We make products that are a hundred percent eco friendly. We live by example and ensure that all our handcrafted products produced by us go with ethics and the environment in mind. We hope to bring a change in this world by crafting home decorative terracotta products that are earth friendly. Our hundred percent eco friendly products are made for those who want the harmful impact plastic has on our environment. We are here to bring small changes that can greenify your homes and gardens. We hope that our products can influence people to modify the way we live. A little effort goes a long way and by choosing My Earth’s handcrafted and eco-friendly products, you choose to join us in our journey of making a difference in this world. We keep conscious living in mind and we believe that by minimizing the usage of plastic pots and switching to terracotta, you can have big impacts on your environmental footprint. From sourcing, to moulding our products and packing them with eco friendly materials, we take immense pride in the way we operate. All our products are truly Handcrafted with love. Love for the environment, love for the people and all animals that live on earth, love for our forthcoming generations.Scroll down to see our list of hundred percent eco friendly products. The entire process of our production is a hundred percent eco friendly.

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