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Your one-stop eco-store offering beautifully handcrafted home decor for your living space. Decorating your home with goods that are eco-friendly is a great way to show your love for the environment. These goods are not just non-toxic but are 100 percent organic, handcrafted, artisanal, eco-friendly, and humane. We offer affordable organic decor making them delightful pieces that you can feel comfortable about having in your home. You can browse a wide range of products from home and garden – enjoy discovering new and exciting products as we keep updating our website with unique handmade products that will add sustainable lux to your living spaces. We are committed to ethical sourcing and production of our products, and to giving back to the artisan community

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A unique pathway into the world of artisanal, organic and eco-friendly products. Our brand offers a range of hand-blended, organic pieces that promote sustainable living while sprucing up your living space. In a time where the environment is sinking due to the mass usage of toxic substances, we have initiated a vision to find alternatives that boost our beautiful environment.

My Earth, is a platform where we thrive on building creative products while keeping human connection at the epicenter. Our products define the purity of traditions and contemporary practices. As a company, we strive to lead with our values and to help spread ideas of sustainability and responsibility whose impact can reach far beyond our own business thus defining our mission statement “HANDCRAFTED WITH LOVE”

The platform empowers our craftsmen to follow their passion of crafting each item that is exquisite and helps our buyers find what they love. My Earth is an online business, offering the most wholesome alternatives to eliminate our exposure to harmful and toxic products and being more eco-friendly.


We started as a small store on social media pages promoting eco friendly home decor such as dream catchers and clay table pieces and soon decided to pave the way into an online business with our range of organically handcrafted products. We believe that there is nothing that makes a house feel more like a home than filling it with the people we love and the simple things that tell a story of thoughtful craftsmanship. We are currently focused on making hand made terracotta products and beautifully crafted organic dream catchers. We will soon be venturing into other categories in the home-decor space.

We believe in promoting local craftsmanship through our business. Our artisans are skilled manual workers engaged in craft production and we at MY EARTH believe in promoting this skill through our friendly practises. Living a conscious life and promoting craftsmanship which promotes healthy living is what made us kick start this online eco store.

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The finest and all-natural ingredients define “MY EARTH”. We pay utmost importance to the quality and performance of each item crafted by us and thus pay close attention while sourcing them. It is the purity and wholesome vitality that make each of our products so special and indulgent.

We love the bareness of earthy ingredients and thus go an extra-mile to handcraft each of our products to transform the experience into an extraordinary beauty saga.

Each handmade product is sheer artistry that portrays precision and comes with a promise of complete truth. Each of our product is carefully handcrafted and packed with a lot of care and describes nothing less than phenomenal.

We are committed to reducing and eliminating toxic environmental practices and we pay immense attention through each stage of our manufacturing process.

Right from sourcing safe and biodegradable substances to implementing and following ethical production practices and making the conscious decision to develop and craft our hand-made products in-house that help to minimize environmental damage.

We use authentic tools, time-honored methods that help in reducing greenhouse gases, which in turn help in using our resources more efficiently.

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Clay crafting is one of the most creative sides to art, it is an integral step in the evolution of mankind.

With the fundamental need and desire to introduce fresh, handcrafted products by our artisans, we have a fantastic range of custom-made terracotta handicrafts such as terracotta animal planters, bird planters, hanging planters, sea planters, table centerpieces and much more.


Terracotta– an easily accessible clay comes in rich colors of red, brown, and orange. The literal translation of Terracotta is ‘baked earth’. The properties of terracotta are its porous nature and clay, and it can also be used glazed and unglazed, which adds to its appeal. One coat of glaze is needed to make it waterproof. When terracotta is glazed, bright colors are often favored because they work brilliantly with terracotta’s low-firing temperature (approximately 1100C / 2012F to 1200C / 2192F to create a striking contrast with its orange body). These low firing temperatures also mean lower energy costs.

The art of working with terracotta is amongst the oldest and most widespread form of craft in the world.

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As per the Hindu religious beliefs, due to the integration of the five elements that include earth, fire, ether, water, and air, auspiciousness is submerged in the foundation of this wonderful element. This modest clay qualifies as one of the most intriguing objects to be shaped by the hands of humans to ultimately transform it into the object of ethereal magnificence and utility.

We at ‘MY EARTH’ have crafted hand-blended terracotta planters for starters. An initiative to bring small changes that can heal our environment. The idea behind our concept is to push people to switch to terracotta products from plastic.

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