With the kind of busy life we live, online shopping has become a huge part of our lives. Shopping is an important activity in our lives. The advantages of online shopping or online hopping as we call it, is that you can scroll through several products, compare prices and hit the BUY button in a very short span of time. We do realize that online shopping has our lifestyle in a tremendous way. Look at the way our lives have taken shape during this covid pandemic. Most of us were choosing to shop online instead of stepping out. My Earth is here to cater to your needs of purchasing eco friendly products online, a seamless experience. Instead of stepping out to find the perfect terracotta pot for your garden or home.

We bring the shopping experience to you from the comfort of your homes. We have handcrafted each of our terracotta home garden products. With an array of exclusively designed handcrafted items for your homes, we bring you the ultimate shopping experience online. Go on and start exploring our handmade terracotta pots, planters, statues, table tops and dream-catchers. Just a few clicks and we will have your favorite planter or home decor item or both, shipped right to your home.

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